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Privacy Policy

hyattTea Pvt Ltd has laid out an intricate Privacy policy to ensure the safety and privacy of all its visitors. All information shared in the process will be done in accordance with company regulations and procedures.

Please read all terms and conditions to avoid disputes in the future. We at hyatt, are committed to give our customers a fruitful shopping experience. We require basic contact information such as name, e-mail and contact number and Billing information such as credit/debit card details, and shipping address. This information helps in creating a user account, which makes the shopping experience easier and convenient.

We use this information to keep you updated with our product range. We may also use this information to notify you about changes or announcements, offers and opportunities available, in respect to our website and products. If a customer does not wish to receive such information, they can also choose to opt out of this option.

We at hyatt Tea, ensure the privacy of our visitor/ customer ‘s information and shall not share or disclose this information in any way, other than what is mentioned in this privacy policy.

We also use your information in the following ways:

1. To make our website more efficient for our visitors, by incorporating user data.

2. Provide you with information about products and/or services that you requested for (generally via an e-mail).

3. To share this information to a member of our company (employees or third parties who are in charge of hosting the Site or various features of the site).

Similarly, we can share this information with our divisions, and subsidiaries.

We value your personal information and thus, have made sure that your information does not get breached in any way. We have adopted all necessary technical practices that are required to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

All computer systems are different and thus, no one can assure/ give this guarantee. However, we guarantee that we have implemented all necessary measurements from our behalf. Please keep a check of our privacy policy regularly as it is subject to change, as and when deemed/found necessary. However, in cases of important announcements, our team will contact you.

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