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Our Premium Tea has a strong taste & rich flavours that will refresh you like no other ! One sip of our finest tea blend will remind you of the tea gardens of Assam ! Hyatt Tea offers a range of premium tea blends that are sure to excite your taste buds . Belonging to the hyatt Tea Company . Hyatt exports Assam's finest tea blends to over 25 , countries worldwide . It has been serving premium fea for the past 2 years and has been able to moke its presence felt globally , given the quality products that they deliver ! They aim to make Hyatt available in every country , and let people indulge in its great flavours ! Hyatt Teo started with a premium range of tea blends from Assam and is now also into marketing some scrumptious snacks that will odd the perfect element of something sweet and something salty to your tea timel Initially , Hyatt started in Guwahati Assam , India , but it slowly spread its wings and is now reaching globally to sell its strong and aromatic tea blends . The Company Hyatt Tea always strives to deliver quality products and with an exceptional on - time service . The company constantly pushes its limits and brings out new products to serve the customers . As the markets change , so does the approach and that is what has kept Hyatt Tea loved by everyone . The quality and taste of the Hyatt Tea range is unparalleled and that's the reason , the connoisseurs vouch for it . With its tea variants of Strong Aroma , Loose Green Tea and Instant Tea Premix , HYATT TEA hopes to add more flavours and increase its product line . It has its reach in various countries across the globe , the USA , UK , Canada , South Africa , Singapore , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Kingdom of Bahrain , Qatar , UAE etc. Hyatt Tea is all set to delight everyone around the world with its taste and quality !

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Papoo khan

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